Welcome to Linda Art Cph blog

What does Linda Art Cph stand for?

My name is Linda, I like Art and live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What can you find here?

The blog has two main parts: Art and Naturopathy. They target the same goal:
To Find Your Inner Peace, Balance, and Health.

How does Naturopathy connect to Art?

Health is a gift from life. To keep your good health, you need to make responsible decisions every day. Prevention is an important part of Naturopathy. There are several methods and therapies that you can use to keep your health. Art is one of the Naturopathy Therapies.

What type of Art can you find here? What is my aim with this Art?

I use several artistic techniques: crochet, knitting, loom knitting, cross stitching, calligraphy, sewing, and beading. I like to combine different techniques in my work.

I connect the hand art with leadership, mindfulness, history, architecture, cultural studies, and philosophy. During my art workshops, I teach how to crochet, and we talk about the above mentioned topics.

My aim is to encourage other women to make more art at home, and to find their balanced way of life. Crochet is the new yoga. It lets you switch off from the everyday rush. This handcraft helps you find your inner peace and power.